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Technology-Driven Fuel & Lubrication Services

At Lard Oil Company, we use the latest industry technology to help extend the life of your product, guarantee you receive the full amount of product you pay for, ensure you won’t run out of product, and streamline the communication process making it easy to order and resupply. We use technology like tank trackers and mobile site access to keep you up and running even in times of an emergency.

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Efficiency-Driven Technology

Our goal at Lard Oil is to use technology and innovation to positively impact your bottom line. With our current technology, we can track every drop of product you order and consume, from our truck to your tank.

  • Digital confirmation of gallons delivered
  • Digital signature capture
  • GPS tracking
  • Never run out of fuel
  • Prevent theft
  • Real-time inventory
  • Real-time invoicing
  • View tank levels online
  • Wireless tank monitoring

Take it a step further with Fuel IT. This technology helps you manage your business, control costs and purchases, and create simple and easy-to-read reports. It allows account managers to control everything related to fuel purchases, including:

  • What type of fuel can be purchased
  • Who is authorized to use the FuelIT card
  • What days of the week fuel can be purchased
  • How much fuel can be purchased